The Facts about Density

When I decided to get into the foam business, I was working in a retail foam and fabric company that had an outstanding amount of customers coming in to pick up foam for their projects, Mattresses, Couch cushions, Bench Seats, Outdoor Swings, So on. Nearly every time the customer explained what they wanted, it was the same thing, "I'm not sure what I want, but I know I want High Density." For some reason, "High Density" seems to go hand in hand with quality, but in most cases, It's considered to be how firm the foam is. Most customers were shocked and some were defensive when I had asked them to consider a medium density foam for their mattress. The thought that I was asking them to purchase some foam that was less in quality or super soft was not what they wanted. I would end up spending a few extra moments explaining about the "truth about density."

Allow me attempt explain something that relies 90% on touch. 

The definition of DENSITY - the degree of compactness of a substance.

What density does not control is FIRMNESS. Firmness is Controlled by "ILD or Compression" 

In foam terms, how much the foam will collapse when it has the maximum rated amount of pressure put on the foam.

A high density foam will not collapse so much, making it ideal for places when you will sit. Where a high amount of weight is compressed in a compact area. Like your tush. Simply speaking, there's a lot of foam in that square foot of foam, so it cannot be compressed as much. Other terms to explain this is support, snapback, drop. Technical range - 1.5 - 4.5 density.

Places to use High Density Foam: Couch Cushions, Bench seats, Dining room seats, Outdoor cushions, Window seats, Ottomans, Noticing a trend?

Medium density foam has its place. It's mainly used where the weight is spread out, like laying down. Who wants to sleep on a foam that has no drop to it? Medium density works great for a little more comfort, You want the foam to drop a little more for more comfort when you sleep, but as you can imagine, the chances of you bottoming out a medium density foam is greater when you sit on it. Which is a main problem when the customer decides to buy the foam on price alone. Medium density is usually less expensive, because of less foam in that foam. 

Places to use Medium density - Mattresses, Couch backs, Arts and crafts, Headboards, Dog beds, Baby mattresses and pack & plays. 

I strive to get the right type of foam for you project and welcome all sorts of questions. If you have any questions about density, or if you are not sure when density is right for you, Please give us a call at 828-357-8596 or drop us a an email.

- Peter Wakem - 9/12/2016